Orange Marmalade and Zucchini Tea Cake

Tartine has got to be one of the best bakeries I’ve ever been to. However, since I no longer live in the lovely city of SF I have to make do with their wonderful cookbooks. (books 3 and 4 are on my wish list!) This recipe is surprisingly very easy to put together, and another bonus I got to finally use that marmalade that has been sitting in my fridge taking up space. This recipe is from Tartine’s first self-titled book. While the recipe may seem to call for too much sweetness with the jam and the sugar, funny enough it wasn’t too sweet. I had some slivered almonds that I threw into the batter. I also added that crunchy sugar to the top for texture. I’m sure I’ll make this one again it was so delicious! Added bonus is it keeps well in the fridge and I almost want to say tasted better the next day.


Mango Sticky Rice


I love Mango Sticky Rice. It is so bad for you, but it is so good. The chewy texture with the sweet mango is just divine. My friend MM and I were cooking up a storm and we decided to make this for dessert. We got the recipe from Thekitchn which was amazingly simple. Unfortunately we didn’t have separated coconut milk, but that’s ok. We just divided the can of coconut in half and used some for the rice to soak and some for the cream topping. The best part was also we could have as much mango as we wanted. I was so full and we had a lot leftover too! It was fantastic. Definitely a must-do-again dessert.mmmmm.

Coconut Macaroon


Wow talk about some busy times. In truth with this hot weather rolling in my appetite has been going downhill alongside energy to piddle around in the kitchen. I have used the grill though! I hope Im on my way to better master the thing. These cookies were made though because I was craving something sweet and easy to make. Seriously this was one of the quickest cookies made aside from baking time. I got the recipe from The Splendid Table’s: How to Eat Supper . If you like coconut and the chewy texture then these are great to make and eat. Definitely a good one to keep the ingredients on hand.

Wild Blueberry Lemon Cake


This recipe was awesome from the website The Kitchn. The cool ingredient was using Greek yogurt in the batter! I loved the mix of citrus with a sweet cake, so I didn’t make the lemon cream, but I’m sure that it would be amazing on top. I added some orange flakes I had and I also added 1/4 tsp vanilla, and used the other 1/4 tsp for orange extract. It went well because the only Greek yogurt I have in the fridge right now is orange flavored. The cake is so fluffy and so good. Not too heavy and not to tart or sweet. This is definitely a great dessert, but I think I may have a slice for breakfast too. I’ll have to restrain myself from inhaling the whole thing all at once. Definitely give this recipe a try!

Chocolate Cranberry Bread

It has been a long time since using my bread maker, but I will say having this loaf come out made me excited to use it more often again. I used a recipe from this cookbook I got from a local used bookstore . It came out awesome. I put it in overnight and woke to my place smelling of fresh bread and having a few fresh cut slices for breakfast. The only modification was that I didn’t have any hazelnuts so I didn’t add it in. But let’s be honest here, I was in it for the chocolate anyways. Does anyone here have a bread maker? I am still amazed at what this thing can do.

Some Holiday Kisses

I haven’t been near a mistletoe (fortunately) so I have been spared so far this holiday season. This year I guess is one of the first in a long time that I haven’t been sick of playing Christmas gigs, hearing Christmas music, shopping..(ok maybe a little, the crowds were ridiculous). While my family isn’t so super Christmas blowout celebration, I like to make cookies for the season. This is the first time I’ve made these peanut butter, kiss cookies, but they are yummy, and a definite must-try, must-devour, holiday treat. It actually called for you to wait for the cookies to completely cool before eating…I have never heard anything so ridiculous, warm and gooey is where it is at. The original recipe called for gourmet chocolate/espresso tops, and I will probably try to make it that way some day, but since I had all these kisses I needed to get rid of I used them instead. I had the perfect amount! Bam~ and done. 🙂

Happy Holidays everyone!

Spice Cake with Pear and Cardamom Cream Cheese Frosting In a Jar

Mason Jars… I think I have seen more of those in use over the last year than ever before. image

The latest fad being “food in a jar”. Pinterest (aka suck all your time away) has several hundred/thousands of recipes on there. Well I looked in my pantry and had some leftover box spice cake, some canned pears, and cream cheese in the fridge. Bake the cake on a sheet pan so it is nice and thin. You can use the jar to help cut out circles of the cake that will fit. I also realized even if you messily just crumbled up the cake and stuffed it into the jar it is the same effect. Whip up your favorite cream cheese frosting and mix in some ground cardamom for that flavor that makes you go “hmmm”. Layer everything together and then devour. I made these for a dessert for some friends, and it was a great fall dessert that was not too heavy. Besides how could something be bad when it has cream cheese frosting?!??