Orange-Dijon Chicken Wings

It is rather sad how terrible this photo came out only because the chicken itself is really quite good. I have tried quite a few recipes out of this slow-cooker book, some were a hit and some not so much. However, I am a big fan of Beth Hensperger recipes in general since they always seem easy to try and mostly quite tasty too. I know true wings are grilled, broiled, with crispy skin etc, but let’s keep in mind it is REALLY HOT here and with a busy schedule this is such a breeze to put together. Trust me if there was an easy way to get crispy skin with this flavor sauce I’d be all for that.  While I did this with little drummettes, I am sure it would be great with some chicken thigh as well using the same method. The flavor was a great blend of my favorites, sweet, tangy, and very addictive. The meat was melt off the bone tender. This is definitely a recipe I will keep using again!


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