Late Night Panzanella

It had been a long day and I was so hungry that I almost opted just to get a burger or something. But I restrained myself and tried to think of how to use what I already had at home. Oh and it was past 10pm at night. I used Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything to remind myself of panzanella salad because I had tomatoes, stale french bread, and a bit of red onion. The recipe also called for fresh herbs, but I quickly threw out my basil because it had turned all slimy. (ick). The salad was delicious though and it made me feel good to use food and not have to throw it away because it had gone bad (bread is pretty rock hard). The recipe calls for a lot of tomato and bread, but I cut things up into a serving for one. Easy and done. I am not liking the lingering onion taste even after I brushed my teeth. I am thinking next time it would be better to soak the onions just to get out over-sharpness of the onion flavor.


2 thoughts on “Late Night Panzanella

  1. that looks really tasty 🙂 though i have to say that i’m glad that i wasn’t there afterwards to enjoy the onions after the fact…

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