Chicken Enchilada


Have you ever opened your fridge and seen food there and thought “I have nothing to eat”? Yes this was one of those moments. I thought how convenient it would be to just go get a burger somewhere, or something equally bad for me. Being tired and stressed makes me so lazy in the kitchen and I also develop a set of “cravings” that I have no idea how to get rid of. Well after looking in this cookbook for ideas I realized that I had all the makings for some chicken enchiladas. I just had no desire to make a ton so I made a couple individual servings and have some extra fillings for a few more servings. So I had some cooked chicken, some red onion, cream cheese mixed together with some taco seasoning. Wrap in some tortillas and I had some leftover fantastic spicy queso (no this is not “cheese sauce”!) poured on top. Here was the awesome part~ using the toaster oven! No need to heat up my large oven when I only rolled 2 enchiladas. Baked in there for 17min at 350 and it was perfect. Add some salsa on the side~ voila dinner. Sorry, this photo doesn’t do the dish justice, but when you are hungry this will have to do. 🙂


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