Cool Rice Vermicelli with Grilled Vegetables


This was the last dish I cooked with MM on our cooking day feast. This feast happened because we both love Thai food and we both had this awesome cookbook called The Elements of Life.  We mixed up the veggies used, and since she didn’t have a grill we just “stir-fried” it. Also just cook the noodles according to the package because apparently dependent on what kind you get the cooking times etc can be vastly different. The more complex part of the dish was definitely the sauce. Neither one of us has used fresh lemongrass before, but basically we just peeled away layers until the very inner part that looked like a tube. Be sure to chop it up really fine because it isn’t pleasant to chew. MM saved the outer stalks/leaves for when she makes some soup. It is a great flavor addition! Also lemongrass lasts seemingly forever in the fridge, and definitely in the freezer. I hear when planted this stuff is really hearty. I tried growing some that I got from the store, but alas that was a fail. So I will have to go get seeds somewhere. I also read it is a great mosquito repellent! Perfect for what is needed right now here.

Next time, I have to proportion out this dish better. It made HUGE servings. So much that I had to freeze some because there was no way I was going to eat this for 2+ weeks in a row. However, it is REALLY tasty with quite a bit of kick in the sauce. Definitely something to make again and a great potluck dish too!


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