Moroccan Chicken


I used to enjoy watching Robin Miller’s cooking shows. Sadly they were cancelled, but at least I have some of her cookbooks and have tried quite a few of her recipes too. I admit I sort of had mixed feelings about this one. It smelled good, tasted pretty good, but not necessarily a “wow I can have this all the time” recipe. I love Israeli couscous. They are bigger and I like being able to bite down on them. It made a great bed for the chicken and vegetables. Is this truly authentic Moroccan? Perhaps not, but it doesn’t matter too much since it still made for a good meal. I like all the ingredients, I suppose I am just scratching my head because it didn’t quite hit the spot for me. I am only wondering why this is. I have a portion set aside in the freezer to see if it can hold up post-freeze. I started trying to do some freezer cooking last week and I shall continue to test which ones are good recipes to freeze.


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