Cinnamon Cardamom Banana Bread


Ahh the craziness of “fall” even if it is still in the triple digits here. I am already predicting I will probably have one of the busiest fall seasons and inevitably will not have time to exercise and eat good things. So cue “freezer cooking” which seems to be a fad that I am late to the game. A lot of these types of recipes tell you to double the ingredients, but when you are cooking for one (I know cue the sad music) there is always enough leftover with the regular recipe. This banana bread recipe comes from a “Not Your Mother’s” series cookbook on freezer cooking. You could bake these into loaves or muffin shapes. I used all my muffin tins AND I still had enough to make a small loaf. I have enough that I could eat one banana bread muffin a day for at least a whole month. Good thing these are really tasty! I have them in the freezer and they will hopefully be just as tasty when I take one out for breakfast. The recipe doesn’t originally call for cardamom. But there is something magical about combining cinnamon and cardamom together. It almost makes the flavor more intense. Try this recipe out, but be forewarned. You will have a TON of these and perhaps you just might be nice and share a few with friends.


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