Thai Chicken and Noodle


This dish is not really Thai in style. In fact the only “Thai” thing about it is the noodles that are used in the dish. I used the leftover rice noodles that I had from making the homemade version of Pad Thai. I got the idea from Robin Miller whose show I used to watch a lot when it was on tv. I liked how simple it is and how she really takes care about nutrition as well. I changed it up in a sense I have a ton of condiments I need to use in my fridge. I used some leftover Szechuan sauce, and added some more soy sauce and sesame oil. It was a little salty so I used up a tiny bit of agave. I used frozen stir-fry vegetables to add more to the dish and I didn’t have enough chicken thawed out. The end result? Something yummy to eat, but definitely not really Thai. Lime juice really adds a nice tang so remember to not leave this part out. I guess the story goes if you have the right ingredients then the sauce is really going to make or break the dish.


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