Breakfast Sandwiches


Mornings have been really busy these last few weeks. Some mornings Im just not in the mood for milk and cereal. After perusing (ok really wasting time) on pinterest I saw the link for pre-making breakfast sandwiches a la that fast-food-chain style. This girl put up how she made her sandwiches then froze them to eat in the mornings. It was so simple, and clever, that you wonder why people pay all that money to get these things. It was so easy that I kick myself for not doing this earlier back when I had super early morning classes. For the eggs I baked them in my muffin-top tin and it fit perfectly on the english muffin.  (Yes there is such a thing and it is amazing. Everybody wants just the muffin tops!). Try these for those on-the-go weekday mornings!


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