Mac and Cheese Dinner


I was having a friend over for dinner and didn’t have too much time to cook. We both LOVE cheese, so I decided to try out this recipe by Ellie Krieger from her cookbook The Food You Crave . The interesting thing was that it used pureed butternut squash in the sauce so you could cut down on cheese and heavy cream. I viewed it as you can eat more because you were eating squash! My favorite part was the crispy top. I loved the difference in texture. I used sharp cheddar cheese, but also dubliner cheese since I didn’t have the other one listed. I could still taste the squash (though it claimed you couldn’t), but it did have a great creamy texture. I think my friend had a great suggestion. We put some extra ground pepper, and red pepper flakes on top. It really brought out the flavors better and gave it a great kick. I’m a bit on the fence whether I would try this again. If I did I would half the recipe because it produced a HUGE amount, and I got rather sick of eating the leftovers. At least I can feel a little bit healthier….


One thought on “Mac and Cheese Dinner

  1. 🙂 you crack me up… i don’t know if mac & cheese (even with squash) could ever really be considered healthy… but i’ll buy that anyway.

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