Tom Ka: Coconut Cream Soup

It was a damp heavy humid day and really hot too. For some reason though I was craving some hot soup to counter the semi-chilled feeling of excessive AC. I have this fascinating cookbook called The Elements of Life which is Thai recipes but based on the elements: Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind. These are associated with you based on your birthday and then lists foods and ingredients that are good for your body. It is common to be more than one element, and there are recipes listed that are good for all.


This soup was listed to be great for Earth and Wind element people. (I am wind and water.) I am sure if I had done everything to the letter this soup would be even more amazing, but as it was it totally hit the spot tonight. I just used a can and a half of broth and whole can of coconut milk. I took out the big chunks of ginger, but I didn’t strain out any of the other ingredients. I also just simmered the broth for 15minutes rather than the listed half hour. Being a little far from the asian mart I didn’t have lemongrass, or kaffir lime leaves, but adding lime zest was great.  I used 3 serrano chiles (no Thai chilis handy) with seeds and that was plenty of spice for me!! (I hear growing lemongrass is easy so I want to get on that!) I used cod chopped up (so good), butternut squash (not good), and mushroom (awesome) as the main ingredients. It was a perfect mix of creamy, sour, sweet, salty, and spicy!! I only wish I had more rice on hand, but I am excited for the leftover soup!. Even if you don’t have all the asian ingredients easily accesible there are some substitutes listed.I thought this cookbook was fascinating to read through and this recipe is a DEFINITE must try!!


2 thoughts on “Tom Ka: Coconut Cream Soup

  1. wow… wait – how do you know that you are windy? and what does that mean? texas is making you more asiany, it would seem 🙂

    • Haha the book came with a way to calculate what element you are. It is based off your birthday. Tx only makes me crave seafood and asian food. lol. But I dont know how much more asiany i am.

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