Homestyle Shrimp Pad Thai


I love Thai food, and actually it isn’t too hard to get around here. But it would be awesome to learn to cook it at home. I always have a sneaky suspicion they charge like double the price it takes to make the stuff. I saw a recipe for Shrimp Pad Thai via Rachael Ray Magazine. Yes I know there are haters of her, but her recipes are actually good. Now this Pad Thai was definitely not pad thai. Not even close. The sauce wasnt even brownish that much. BUT it was really tasty. REALLY tasty. I was excited I could put in a ton of eggs, shrimp, cilantro, sprouts…all ingredients I always want more of when I go get it from a restaurant. You realize with Asian food it is ALL about the sauce. One day I shall master pad thai. (Actually my fave dish is pad see ew). Id make this again for sure, but I don’t think I can call this pad thai in good conscience. Let’s just say it is RR Thai.


2 thoughts on “Homestyle Shrimp Pad Thai

  1. holy cow batman… that looks AWESOME. you need to come back and make us some of the LL Thai (forget the RR, we go for the LL). 🙂

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