Salmon with Balsamic Glazed Onions and Tomatoes over Couscous

Contrary to what you may think, I have not forgotten about this! I was in the midst of moving and finally had a chance to cook up some new eats in a different kitchen! I guess half the battle is also remembering where you put everything so you can find it when you do cook. This week I got my inspiration from  The Improvisational Cook . It’s great because she gives you ideas, but then also tells you to imagine how to make a meal your own based on what you already have on hand as opposed to always going out for specific ingredients. After moving all of my “junk” I am determined to start clearing out my pantry/fridge and make the most of what I have. Any suggestions would be great too!


I love eating seafood so this salmon dish was a no brainer. I actually used my toaster oven to cook this fish (a friend gave me a used one which is turning out to be totally fabulous compared to my last one!) Just put in a small baking dish and sprinkled with my staple Montreal Seasoning. Bake 20min. Perfect. Couscous is probably even simpler. Boil chicken stock, add couscous, let sit, fluff. The onions I started first to brown/caramelize a bit. I added in the little tomatoes to char up and then eventually burst. At the end you add in some balsamic vinegar. Yum. I learned this from a friend, when he added balsamic tomatoes over risotto (which was also heavenly!!). I stuffed myself full of food, but the taste of the onions/tomatoes was so addictive I could have kept eating it. I highly recommend this cookbook! Especially because it reminds you that cooking is all about trying things out and “improvising” where necessary.


One thought on “Salmon with Balsamic Glazed Onions and Tomatoes over Couscous

  1. welcome back to the land of the cooking – i’m glad you have a place to truly master your skills even more. i’m sure the house will be filled with smells of amazing foods soon enough. so, what is left in that pantry of yours that requires consumption? If this is an example, then that’s just awesome!

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