Chinese Sausage Sticky Rice

No, I’m not Chinese, but I love some of their food! This is normally something that you can find in a dimsum place. Sadly there are no good dim sum places here that also fits my budget. (actually there aren’t any places Id choose to go to at all here) So when you can’t order it the next best thing is to try to make it at home! image

The beauty of this recipe is that it is mainly cooked in a rice cooker. I got the main recipe from epicurious, but in fact you can add a bunch of other things as you like and the main difference is that I opted to just throw it in the rice cooker instead of on the stovetop. Also be sure to use some of the liquid from the rehydrated mushrooms to add more flavor. If you put it in the cooker I think you need more than just the 2 cups of chicken stock anyways. Perhaps it may have come out a little more moist, but I have no problem with that. I rather prefer moist over dry rice. If you really wanted the crispy edges you can always just pan fry some of that stuff later. I added some fresh green onion from the garden on top. I love the fresh flavor over the savory flavors. The portions here are huge, so unless you like eating this for days, or you have people over, I’d opt to try to reduce the portions of ingredients. If you haven’t discovered how awesome Chinese sausage is, try it out! I also love having it in a big bowl of Jajamyung~simply divine in the sauce… but that is for another day.


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