Sweet Potato Soup

Well to end this year with a bang I’ve decided to publish TWO recipe trials today! (And I didn’t want to end the year on a mediocre recipe note). The second one for your delectable palates is Sweet Potato Soup.image

I had a ton of leftover sweet potato mash back when my dad was visiting, and while I LOVE sweet potato, the mash part was getting a bit old. I decided to try out this recipe, and like everyone who commented on that recipe I tried the alterations in it. (left out the KB, add sauteed onion, more liquid, not really add milk). It came out great! I should’ve added more onion, because even though I added a bit, it still was a bit on the sweet side. Adding pepper at the end was great too. But the kicker was adding fresh chives from my garden. (yes it was still alive because the winter weather here…well let’s just say you can’t call it winter). I should’ve added a whole ton of that at the end, but I opted to just be artsy instead. I bet this recipe would work for leftover mashed potato as well just opt out of adding sweetness to it at all. Soup=awesome to the soul. Need I say more?


One thought on “Sweet Potato Soup

  1. Suzette would love this, and will share this with her (like you, soup does equal awesomeness). I’m digging this a bit myself, though i think i’d go more on the potato rather than the sweet potato side. and i’m impressed that you have a garden 🙂

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