Steamed Buns


I love bread, and there is something about Asian steamed bread that is just so tasty. From Andrea Ngyugen’s Asian Dumplings book there was a recipe for Steamed Buns. I had some leftover slow-cooked hoisin and ginger pork from Thekitchn which I used as a filling for the buns. It was sooo tasty!! There are so many different options you can use as a filling, but I just used what I had on hand. The recipe made 16 buns, and they were of a good size. This is a definite must-try! I am looking forward to making it again with different fillings. (Sweet red bean!!) The dough was low-maintenance and easy, and steaming made it seem much healthier than having to add any dairy, or butter.


One thought on “Steamed Buns

  1. wow, you made these by hand. I’m very impressed. personally prefer the meaty buns over the red bean, but low maintenance and easy makes it sound very appetizing 🙂

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