Quick Tofu Banh Mi- Cheap version

I was recently at a music festival for the last few weeks, and while the living accommodations were not the greatest it did have a kitchen with pots and pans too. The girls of the house and I hosted a potluck party one night and I decided to make some cute little banh mi imitation sammies. I do not pretend that these are like the real thing. Being at a festival for only a short time meant I did not want to buy all these condiments that I would just end up having to throw away. There were a lot of vegetarians as well so I decided to use tofu instead of thin cut slices of meat.

Basic ingredients: 1 pkg of extra firm tofu, baby carrots sliced, cilantro (really makes the flavor!!), mushrooms (optional), mini hand rolls (I was thinking sweet hawaiin rolls but I couldnt find them), hoisin sauce. (Total depends on the rolls, but I made about 17 in one go)

Prep: Cut tofu into slices, then according to bun size. Pan fry the tofu til brown on both sides. Brown mushrooms (drain off any excess liquid).

Assemble: Smear on hoisin. Stuff with tofu, mushroom, carrot, and don’t forget the fresh cilantro! I know mushroom isn’t typical but I love mushroom so there. Nom to your heart’s content. Voila instant crowd pleaser and the flavors are not totally bizarre. If you want a spicy option I would put in a bit of siraccha or sambal sauce.


2 thoughts on “Quick Tofu Banh Mi- Cheap version

  1. nice one… love vietnamese sandwiches and now i know how to make them on the cheap (though i will likely switch out the tofu for meat of any kind 🙂

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