Edamame Tomato Corn Salad

When the weather gets to be scorching hot like it is here right now, the last thing you want to do is turn on the stove or exert a lot of energy. I know I definitely don’t want to eat anything heavy either. I combined 3 of my favorite ingredients into a refreshing salad. I normally make this with orzo pasta (recipe from Rachael Ray Magazine) but I didn’t want any starch since I was using this as a side dish to a potluck. All I had to do microwave/steam the edamame (already shucked), slice the tomatoes in half, and the hot edamame would thaw out the frozen corn. I poured on a little miso ginger dressing (from a bottle!) to dress~perhaps around 3 generous tablespoons for a big bowl of this. Some pepper on top was the only other finisher on it. Light, refreshing, and easy to put together. There is no need to break a sweat over this must-try recipe!


One thought on “Edamame Tomato Corn Salad

  1. i will tell you honestly, a picture of just vegetables didn’t excite me, but now that I know what’s in it, i might be open to the possibility 🙂

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