Fresh Easy Bread

Nothing beats eating slices of fresh hot bread lightly toasted with dabs of butter melting and dribbling off the slices as you bite into it. I love bread, and I love how this recipe was so simple, just took a little bit of time. I have a couple books using the no-kneading method. This book by Jeff Hertzberg is straightforward and very descriptive in each step. This is the basic boule, or basic dough/shape introduced at the beginning. When it calls for cornmeal on the bottom of the dough, don’t skimp on it! It adds a wonderful crunch and flavor to it. Now there are definitely some materials that I didn’t have, but I made do and it seems to work great. Not having a baking stone, I just preheated/used my ceramic cast iron pot. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the bread to not stick, but the flavor is still amazing. The last bit of the original dough I had I made into small rolls. Slice them in half and add slices of dubliner cheese inside, voila, instant snack that does not even need to be toasted! What I like about this is the ingredients are simple, flour, water, yeast, salt. The method is simple, stir until mixed~ no need for a fancy machine, just a wooden spoon and a large container. Let rise, then it’s ready to go! While this is easy, it does take time, to preheating oven to the rising of the dough. But there is nothing you actually need to do during that time, just simply wait.

Looking forward to making many more loafs of fresh bread!


4 thoughts on “Fresh Easy Bread

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  3. I agree with michelle, the smell of freshly baked bread… awesome. and the description of the dripping butter… my stomach is growling right now 🙂

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