Lemon Sprite Cake

My sweet tooth is definitely the undoing of me sometimes. This cake is something you will make over and over again. Why? Because this is so easy to make, foolproof practically, and always moist. I was scrambling around trying to think of a quick easy dessert to bring to a dinner and this is what I found. The original recipe is hereΒ and I added a few modifications. I only put the oven at 350 F, add only 1/2cup of oil, I added a capful of lemon extract because I love lemon flavor!, and finally the baking time took around 40min. The first time I made this cake I forgot to add the sprite until 10min into the baking! It still came out wonderful. Just be sure to add the sprite last so it keeps more of the bubbles. The glaze I always use for this cake is just a combo of powdered sugar and lemon juice. I even had kids who don’t like cake devour their slices and ask for seconds. Try this…your taste buds will thank you!


3 thoughts on “Lemon Sprite Cake

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