Supper Tart of Red Onions, Greens, and Grapes

I am already a HUGE fan of The Splendid Table podcast and all the helpful advice and interesting stories that are presented each week. I know some people are not as much of a fan of either her voice or whatnots, but there is no denying that Lynne Rossetto Kasper knows her food. I have two of her fantastic cookbooks: How to Eat Supper, and How to Eat Weekends and this recipe comes from How to Eat Supper.

Lately I haven’t been craving much of anything but I while looking in the fridge and seeing I had all the makings for this tart I was sold. I am good now about keeping puff pastry from the freezer section around ever since I got the Breville mini pie maker and having some pie parties . The only downside is I’m always so impatient to wait for it to defrost, but puff pastry is always forgiving and it always comes out fantastic. I am a little bit on the fence about the cream and cheese added at the end. Perhaps mine just had too much, but I wanted a bit less than stated in the recipe. Next time I might do without the cream and just add the cheese. I love cheese. I loved how the greens got all crispy from being roasted and the grapes had burst open revealing their sweet touch. Let me tell you this all came together really fast. It was super easy, and the longest part was waiting for it to all bake so I could eat it. There are two other variations on this tart which I am eager to try! (Though at the end of the day just think of it as a fancy pizza and you can make it into anything) Definitely great as a appetizer, meal, snack, late night eats, and soo easy. A definite must-try!


2 thoughts on “Supper Tart of Red Onions, Greens, and Grapes

  1. looks and sounds tasty. but i sense a theme with you… no, not the food, the inability to wait for things… i think we need to find something that will occupy you while you wait 😉

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