Milk Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ok, I finally caved in and bought a copy of the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook by Christina Tosi . After it arrived in the mail I immediately went to the grocery store and bought more butter…and some corn flakes. It is funny how many tastes we truly loved as kids (milk sweetened by cereal) that we tend to forget. Tosi reminds us of those times, but also she creates recipes that appeals to people with sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy tastes. (If one of these doesn’t appeal to you I’m not quite sure what you eat).

Perhaps what took up the most time was I had to hunt down some milk powder. Now it is NOT the instant stuff that they sell in packets that one would see in the supermarket. Ive tried that, it sucks, and I still wonder how that stuff can even be sold. Going to my local CM I finally found some in the bulk aisle. I then baked off some Cornflake crunch found in the cookbook. Then made some chocolate chip cookies (in the book) that utilized the cornflakes and marshmallows! Aside from the fact that the cookies and flakes use an unholy amount of butter, it is so worth it. So good and rich. These are not for those looking to eat healthy. Hey, all things in moderation right?  The marshmallows were a great touch adding some soft puffs of goodness throughout the cookies. I gave away over half, because if I ate all of those cookies myself then I would’ve gained about 10 pounds.

If you haven’t gotten this book yet I would highly recommend it!! I’m looking forward to baking more from it.


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