Dubu Kimchi

Kimchi, tofu, meat, spicy… I mean how could this all not taste good? I got the recipe from Asian Tofu cookbook by Andrea Nguyen . I didn’t have any pork belly but I had baked some teriyaki chicken and chopped that up instead. Pork belly would’ve made the dish a lot richer, but it seems pretty versatile with whatever meat you may choose to use. The key is that the kimchi has to be ripe. Mine was probably lethally ripe, but it tasted great after cooking it in a skillet. It developed a nutty flavor. Black sesame, was sadly just a decorative factor. There really was not much taste inflicted, but sesame oil used at the end of the cooking really brought home all the flavors. Definitely this is a dish to try again! When I first cooked it I had it as the main dish complete with a cold beer, but I think it would fare better as a side dish. It would be a great complement to many other main dishes.


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