Korean food is my comfort food. Most people associate this cuisine with BBQ, and while of course I am a fan of BBQ I am a huge fan of all their soups. It is a bit warm now, but somehow soup still sounds good to me. Here is one of my favorite soups. I have never made it before, but now that I know the process it will be hard to buy it again in restaurants. This milky broth is really simple to make, but just takes a long time. By a long time, I mean pretty much all day and all night. I got the recipe off of Maangchi’s site, and while it does work great I had more bones, and a bigger pot. This made all the timings kind of different, but the basic principle is still the same. You boil those bones down until the soup is the right color. Of course you can’t forget the radish kimchi, and nice fluffy bowl of rice! Seeing as the bones only cost be about $6 I consider this to be sooo cheap eats because I have enough soup to feed me for a month. Yes, literally. Ok, if I ate this 2x a day at least 2 weeks. This is definitely a recipe I will do again, but probably not for awhile because it is rare that I ever have that much time!! (I did try to do a batch in the slow cooker, and that was a fail. The soup didn’t end up being “milky” so I threw it in with the other batches and reboiled and it turned out fine.)


One thought on “Seolleongtang-설렁탕

  1. wow… this looks really good. and the picture is awesome. i didn’t realize you could even buy bones at a store – just assumed it had to be left over from whatever you were eating. i want some of this 😉

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