Couscous with fennel, chickpeas, and citrus


Dinner tonight was along the lines of trying to eat more vegetables. I got this recipe online off of The Kitchn and was intrigued enough to give it a try. It was all very simple just chop and drop for the most part. I used multi-colored couscous and also added cranberries in. Rather than using water I used chicken stock to make the couscous more flavorful. To make the plate pretty I just added some cherry tomatoes around the edges. This couscous dish was VERY light. I served up some healthy servings and it wasn’t heavy at all. The citrus added a nice tang to the flavor. I’m glad I added in the cranberries because I think it added some more pop to the taste of the dish. If there was something I would say about it, just have a drink ready at hand. It wasn’t dry really, but just all together it made me kind of thirsty. While I’m not a huge fans of beans I am trying to give them another chance (that is when I don’t have to socialize after). I would make this recipe again, but I don’t know that it would be a particular dish that I really “craved” all the time. Chickpeas… I could come to like you more in your original form….


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