Sometimes you just crave something. I had a version of this dish when I was visiting my parents at home. Ever since then I’ve been dreaming of eating that texture/taste again.  I saw that Maangchi had a version of this recipe on her website too. I’ve been subscribing to her podcasts for awhile and she definitely has some yummy stuff up! This recipe looked simple enough, it just would require some time. I am not a huge fan of peas so I substituted some corn in the recipe. Also rather than using black rice, I used sweet wild rice. I did not have any pine nuts, but putting in walnuts was fantastic. I also put in raisins as per the recipe and it was just a great combo of flavors.  I think I’ll have to work on the timing for how to cook the wild rice though. I didn’t want to cook the rice in a pot, so I did it in my rice cooker. I just did it as I would for any other rice, but I think I needed to add more water to the cooker to get the right texture and have the rice soft.  It seemed from her recipe that the cooking of the rice happened before the steaming/boiling of everything so rather than dealing with cleaning the pot of burnt rice, I just threw it into my rice cooker. Kombocha pumpkin is amazing. Sweet and yes I do eat the rind once everything is cooked through. I chose to use my steamer instead of boiling it in a pot and it was delicious. Though I know I could’ve steamed it a bit more I was so hungry by that time that I just devoured it. The seasoning sauce mentioned in the recipe is good to use because it balances out the sweetness of the chestnuts and the pumpkin.

All in all this was a delicious, healthy, and filling dish. Definitely a  great way of getting your vegetables in your diet!


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