Rice Flour Cake


Sweet rice flour is just awesome. I love the texture when it gets cooked up. I found this recipe online to cook sweet rice flour with red bean. I baked this at home and my father added walnuts on top for extra crunch. The recipe called for milk, but my parents never have that in the house anymore. So I substituted vanilla soy milk for the milk (equal parts). It definitely had a faint vanilla aroma/taste of soy milk, but it wasn’t bad. From my fear of it being too sweet I had only put in half the amount of sugar. My parents aren’t keen of things too sweet. They say they loved it (they say it probably because they are my parents). Personally I wasn’t too keen on the flavor/texture. I will probably try the recipe again with all of the original ingredients/measurements to see how I like the end result. I suppose if you are lactose intolerant, soy milk, perhaps almond milk would be a good substitute, I am just not sure how sugar would factor in since these liquids are a bit sweet. It does have a bit of the texture of Korean rice cake. However, hands down it is waaaay better when it is warm. When it cools off, it just doesn’t seem as appealing anymore.


3 thoughts on “Rice Flour Cake

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