I tried a recipe using pandan for the first time. Pandan is a green leaf usually sold in the Asian market in the frozen section. They look like super long blades of wide grass. Honestly, the hardest part of this recipe was probably going out to actually find the pandan since my local market organizes things really oddly in the store. Along with pandan, it also called for Tapioca flour, which was strangely easy enough to find in the local grocery store even. I used the recipe from The Sweet Spot and it turned out just fine. However, it was waaaaaaaaay too sweet. I would probably cut the amount of sugar in half.. (at least). The coconut milk in this recipe adds sweetness and then the sugar added takes it over the top. I couldn’t find pandan extract anywhere so it came out this sort of olive green (or the book says “soothing jade”) color. I have a good friend who loves pandan, so I actually just gave almost all of it to her. I just couldn’t take the sweetness. I don’t know if she ate it all either, but I wouldn’t be offended if she hadn’t finished it. Sadly the layers did not come out super well, but it is supposed to be alternating white/green. The texture was great, perhaps I might try it again but just less sweet.


2 thoughts on “Pandan

  1. maybe it’s just sweet cause you are sweet… ugh. that felt wrong just typing it 🙂 the picture makes it look good though.

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