Hot Pot Weather


When the weather gets chilly outside there is nothing better than hot hot soup to warm you up. During the winter months it’s fun to gather people around and have some Asian style hot pot. I’m sure that every Asian culture has their own version of hot pot. Pictured here is what I would deem the “Chinese” way of doing things. It is similar to fondue, except it is hot soup and not oil/cheese/chocolate that you are dipping into. Veggies, thinly cut meat, tofu, fish balls, noodles are standard, but there are always variations with each group of people. Everyone mixes up their own dipping sauce in an individual bowl, which usually consists of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, green onion, raw egg, and various other asian sauces of choice. The great thing is you really just make it your own. My friends here made broth out of kimchi (a staple in my house!) which made it spicy and oh so delicious. The other pot was split in half so you could have either spicy or non-spicy soup. There is something fun and very social about these meals. Burners in the middle of a table are a must in this experience! Something that I always look forward to when the months get chilly.

I suppose this isn’t really a recipe, but more of a motley of ingredients thrown together. Food ~eating and cooking is an experience. I love being able to share the best of my warm experiences.


One thought on “Hot Pot Weather

  1. that’s what i call a communal feast! though memories of hot pot for me now consist of sitting in a hot singaporean house with it being 90 degrees in the shade while trying to not melt while the steam from the hot pot raises the temperature of the room even more… but can’t deny the experience (or the taste)!

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