Childhood Comforts



Being with family for the holidays it is only appropriate to start thinking back to the childhood eats I used to get all the time. My family and their trademark spaghetti sauce and rice krispie treats. Spaghetti sauce at home isn’t complete until I add pineapple chunks to it. It is a bit like eating a hawaiin-style pizza. A great combo of salty and sweet. The great thing about cooking at home is that I don’t need to skimp on pineapple either. Here I also added some mushroom, onion, and red pepper along with some ground meat. I like things a bit crunchy for texture so I don’t overcook the vegetables and I add the pineapple towards the end of cooking. As for rice krispie treats…I used to go wild for them when I was little and my mom would make them from scratch and drizzle chocolate on top. While I didn’t do that here, I did make the traditional recipe. I seem to remember my mom using shortening rather than butter, but I opted for butter since it was what I had. There is something nice about making childhood foods. Nothing fancy, just warm fuzzy memories to feed the stomach and the soul.


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