Pie Party


Can we say YAY to pies??? I recently purchased Breville mini pie maker and it has been a fun investment! I also bought the Mini Pies cookbook also sold exclusively at Williams-Sonoma by Abigail Johnson Dodge. Pictured here was some pies that I baked for some friends. From left to right: Strawberry, Pear-Cranberry, Pecan. They were all so easy and a tasty success to boot! I had more pecan filling than 4 pies, so I scrapped together some excess pie dough and made a pie for me. I really like the cookbook, but I can’t say I was totally blown away by the pecan pie recipe. The strawberry pie is divine, and the pear-cranberry was the perfect mix of sweet and tart. I had made a pear-lime tart awhile back and it was just as tasty. If you love pies, but hate the long time it takes, this machine is for you. I made a set of 4 pies in 7 minutes (minus prep time). It doesn’t get much quicker than that. Looking forward to trying my hand at some savory pies like chicken pot pie!!! mmmm


4 thoughts on “Pie Party

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  3. hmmm… a pie party. interesting. and i must say, you really do like to have the latest culinary contraptions, don’t you 🙂 another toy that we are going to have to look at (by the way, you had me going at chicken pot pie 😉

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