I have been craving dumplings lately. Whether fried, steamed, boiled, they are so good. Their pillowy softness inside fills your mouth as you bite down into it. A great cookbook with a ton of information on dumplings is Asian Dumplings by Andrea Nguyen. I have already made several different ones in the book, and this is my latest foray. Here is beef, scallion dumplings. Nguyen explains how to make your own dumpling wrappers, but I was feeling lazy and just bought pre-made ones. Since I have so many I think I might try to cook them in different ways and see which one is the tastiest. However, I can already predict that frying them would be best. Who doesn’t like a crunchy bite? Definitely love this book and love dumplings!!!!


3 thoughts on “Dumplings

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  2. i don’t understand the other commenters… are they commenting on your post, or on their post? anyway, what did you end up doing? did you fry them all… because though boiled is fine – you can’t beat fried 🙂

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