Pork Belly

I FINALLY got my paws on a copy of Momofuku. I still haven’t eaten there, but I drool over the many photos and websites featuring their food. After reading online blogs I got inspired to go out and get a copy and try my hand at some of the stuff too. First attempt: Pork Belly Buns.

Aside from the semi-creepiness of the asian market it was relatively painless just asking for “pork bacon”. Mine came with the rib bones, and for future stuff I might just ask them to take it off there. It was a relief that it was some Mexicans helping me and not some Asian dude glaring at me why I can’t speak and order in Chinese. (Hello~ because Im not Chinese!!) I got some frozen buns, but there were so many options! I guess it give me more reason to keep “sampling”.

This is no short process, but it sure is EASY! Cover in salt/sugar, let it sit. Then roast it high til crispy and low and slow til done. Now my only thing is~ how to tell when it is exactly done? I thought it was done when I took it out, but only after cutting into it will I really be able to tell I think. I suck at trying to figure that stuff out. But talk about a beautiful looking piece of fatty meat…


3 thoughts on “Pork Belly

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  2. i want to hear more about the creepy asian market ;)… meat is always good, but i have to say that the size of that piece of meat makes me afraid of how big the bun will be…

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